I've been an artist since I could cognitively remember being a person. I've always enjoyed creating and sharing ideas. I'm no stranger to the grind, and enjoy getting my hands dirt with hard work. With this my main goal is to be apart of many projects both leading and assisting. I want to have as much experience as possible in the art field. Whether it be traditional gallery to working in a studio jamming out to music as we all grind to the deadline.



My roots:

     I grew up in a chaotic household, my parents divorced when I was young and I've visited and lived in many states. Luckily I have no trouble making myself home wherever I roam.  Having no siblings or pets, it was easy for me to envelop myself in my own worlds and I never left my room much. But as child I was not confident in my work, and did my best to be anything but an artist. I regret not drilling myself earlier to get the fundamentals down, and I was stuck on creating anime style art. Glad I grew out of that.     

    As a child I was deathly afraid of monsters and the unknown. I think it's ironic and humorous to see how far I've come and changed. Those chilling things that once gave me night terrors is the inspiration to my art. I find myself drawn creators such as Tim Burton, HP Lovecraft, Jhonen Vasquez and Steven Spielberg. Of course there are many more but I like to put myself into the horror and psychological categories of art.

         I went from shooting to be a nurse, an engineer an veterinarian until i realized that my soul only burns for art. By the time I got to high school I knew what I had to do, I gathered as many close friends as I could and helped them in any way possible to become what they wanted to be. Some voice actors some, illustrators I shared their fires and wanted to be a role model for those who were looked down on for pursuing their dreams. Though the path has been fierce with me working odd jobs to maintain income I have not lost courage and will continue to do what brings me life, and I’d hope that others will do the same by example.  


What do I do when I'm not "Arting" myself to death?

        My favorite pastime is working one one of my several projects and conversing with friends about concepts and designs. While I use to be an avid gamer I've taken to watching others stream as not to allow games to eat up production time. Though I can play a mean round of Tetris to focus my thoughts. Nothing like a good puzzle to simmer down the emotions. I find myself enjoying any genre of entertainment so long as the plot is good, and I’m a sucker for romance stories. Yet I have trouble writing my own romances because of my horror fan roots. I'm also no stranger to ridiculousness and satire like Sharknado, Zombeaver and Sharktopus. If you couldn't tell I have a strange affinity for sharks and any other scaly and pointy beast.


My advice for anyone:

After spending years berating myself and being my own worst critic. I've found that the one true way to success is action and to persevere. It's not just about who draws the best, it's how you  manage your time and critically evaluate your progress. Doing art and sharing it is better than hiding it all away till you think it's appropriate. The beauty of being an artist's involves sharing and being passionate about your work, you're going to find more people who are ecstatic to see what you've got versus those who would bring you down. I am proud to say that I am one of those artists who is willing to help others out and grow their skills.